The Perfect Place For Your Treasure

Storing Precious Metals At One Of The Safest Places In Europe

It's All About Location

In the central Alps of Switzerland, a modern high security vaulting facility is located within the St. Gotthard Mountain Massif, where we store the precious metals of our clients. Originally built for protection during World War II and later used by the Swiss National Bank and Government, this bunker was privatized in the 1990s and  thereafter upgraded with state-of-the-art security standards. The bullet-proof and explosion-proof vaulting facility has the status of an "Open Duty-Free Warehouse" (Offenes Zollfreilager), which means that any value added tax (especially in the case of silver) only has to be paid to customs at the time of removal by the client.

Top Management Team

The more than 30 years of experience of our team in the field of commodities and financial markets led to the foundation of Elementum Deutschland GmbH in 2007 - your competent partner for investments (purchase and sale) in physical precious metals. Since then, a further 4 independent Elementum companies have seen the light of the precious metal world throughout Europe, including in Switzerland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Croatia. Our experienced management and expert team is exclusively available to our customers and, besides our unique location within the St. Gotthard Mountain, is what sets us apart from other providers. 

Client Is King And Owner

Since Elementum International AG is specialized exclusively in the storage of precious metals in Switzerland, no precious metals trading or other transactions are carried out. In the unlikely event of an insolvency of Elementum International AG or the operator of the high-security system, the stored precious metals do not belong to the bankruptcy estate, thus the client always remains the owner of his goods and can, of course, visit these personally at any time at the facility, pick them up or get them delivered to a desired address, whereas we can handle all customs and transport processing for our clients.

Independent Audit

Switzerland's third-largest independent auditing firm (BDO AG) annually reviews and physically checks the stored nventories of our clients as well as the compliant insurance cover so that an independent inventory including a warehouse certificate for our clients is ensured.

Quality Guarantee

Only newly produced bars with the highest quality (i.e. 999/1000 purity with the internationally accepted "Good Delivery" hallmark) from the renowned Umicore refinery (LBMA certified) are stored by us. Umicore handles the safe and insured transport of all precious metals directly into the vaults of the St. Gotthard facility.

Fair Storage Fees

The storage fees are transparent, inexpensive, fairly staggered and calculated on the basis of the average market prices of the precious metals during the storage period and, of course, include all ancillary costs. The billing is discreet and flexible.