The more than 30 years of experience of our expert team in the field of commodities and finance resulted in 2007 to the foundation of Elementum Deutschland GmbH – your competent partner for investments (purchase and sale) in physical silver, gold and other precious metals. Since then, another 5 independent Elementum companies have been established throughout Europe. Among others in Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Portugal. This resulted in the Elementum Group. With 7 own initiated products and over 50,000 customers, 7 annual congresses have already been organized.

Board Of Directors

Prof. Dr. Philipp Bagus
Chairman of the Board
Elementum International AG


Philipp Bagus is Professor of Economics at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. His research focuses on monetary and economic theory. His work was published in international journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics, Independent Review, American Journal of Economics & Sociology, and many others. His research was awarded the O.P. Alford III Prize in Libertarian Scholarship, the Sir John M. Templeton Fellowship, the IREF Essay Prize and the Ludwig Erhard Prize 2016. Philipp Bagus is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Germany. He is a multiple author, such as "We can do it – alone!" (2017), "Why others are getting richer at ýour expense – and what role the state and our paper money plays" (2014), "The Tragedy of the Euro: A System Destroys Itself" (2011).

Thorsten Schulte
Board Member
Elementum International AG


Thorsten Schulte aka "Der Silberjunge" is probably the best-known silver expert in Germany. In late 2010, his book "Silver – The Better Gold", which already exceeded the mark of 20,000 copies sold in the first half of 2012. In November 2011, his second book "Saving Assets – Invest In Silver" was published. 

Dimitri Speck
Board Member
Elementum International AG


Dimitri Speck is specialized in the analysis of the financial system and the financial markets. He is the author of a stockmarket letter and the author of the book "Secret Gold Policy". His work on commodities, precious metals and seasonality was awarded the German Precious Metals Society Prize (Deutsche Edelmetallgesellschaft) in 2013 and the Scope Award in 2018. Mr. Speck is the publisher of the website on seasonal studies.

Prof. Dr. Jaka Vadnjal
Board Member
Elementum International AG


Prof. Dr. Jaka Vadnjal is an independent business consultant, mainly in the field of finance and investments. In addition to his consulting work, he also held several executive positions, including CEO at LON Bank, Chairman of the Board at SOP and Dean at GEA College of Entrepreneurship, where he has been teaching for the last 27 years. During his career, he worked as a consultant for several private companies and governments in the Western Balkans. He received his PhD from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and studied at Babson College (USA), Stirling and Humberside University (UK) and INSEAD Business School (France). He published more than two hundred professional articles in the fields of economics, finance and investments. He is the author of 40 articles in scientific journals and is also the co-author of several business textbooks.


Manfred Batliner
Board Member
Elementum International AG


Manfred Batliner (trustee and innovation manager MBI, politician) is the Managing Director of the Unternehmerzentrum AG founded in Liechtenstein in 1999. As a former Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce, his areas of expertise include innovation management, fiduciary, finance and accounting. His generational awareness and political activity as a member of parliament in Liechtenstein from 2009-2017, as well as his membership at numerous associations and organizations, are the basis of his team-oriented, economic and social actions.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Bocker
Honorary President 2017–2020
Chairman of the Board from 2007–2016
Elementum International AG


Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Prof. Dr. Bocker held professorships in business administration and was active on many fronts with his dual education in technology and business. As a cosmopolitan, he worked as a consultant, author, financial and business journalist and columnist, and worked for decades on the topics of precious metals and mining.


Stephan Bogner
Elementum International AG


In 1998, Diplom-Kaufmann Stephan Bogner began his economics and business studies at the International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany, and was one of many who was enthusiastic about Professor Bocker's lectures on economics and the financial system. Mr. Bogner was the first (and so far the only) student at that university who wrote a diploma thesis on the subject of precious metals as an effective inflation protection. He also studied at the European Business School, Regents College (UK), and the University of Queensland in Brisbane (Australia). After working in Dubai (UAE) for several years, he moved to Switzerland and has been serving as CEO of Elementum International AG since 2012.  

Mark Luitz
Managing Director
Elementum Deutschland GmbH


Mark Luitz has been a sought-after professional in the field of stock exchanges and precious metals sectors for many years. Early on, he began to recognize the trend of commodities and currency metals. Since 2004, Mr. Luitz has been a trader for an asset management company specializing in commodities (including energy).


Günther Luitz
Founder of Elementum Deutschland GmbH
Founder of Elementum International AG

Günther Luitz has been familiar with the topics of real estate, finance, securities, insurance and precious metals for more than 40 years and is also well-connected with experts and analysts in these sectors. This knowledge advantage is very much appreciated by his clients. His extensive expertise is valued at many seminars and lectures, whereas he is also popular in the press and television. He is editor of the book "And the gold shines forever ...".

Bojan Pravica
Founder of Elementum Deutschland GmbH

Founder of Elementum International AG & Group

Born in Slovenia, Mr. Pravica has lived in Germany since 1973. For more than 30 years he has been working as an independent entrepreneur in various areas of the training of financial service providers, as a seminar leader in Germany and abroad, initiator and developer of financial companies with exclusive products in the real estate, insurance, securities, mutual funds, fund policies, and special product offerings in precious metals.

Office Staff

Tanja Schweikart
Assistent to the Management
Maike Luitz
Silvia Pravica
Intermediary Care
Blanka Zalokar
Intermediary Care
Astrid Jung
Diana Engelhardt